Visit to Kansas

The boys and I went to Kansas to visit family…grandpa and grandma, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews…

Having pizza with cousins after fishing

Denise with Delilah, Evan and Silas (niece and nephews)

Dennis (Denise’s dad/grandpa) by the creek after 4 inches of rain.

Mark, Joshua, Elijah, and Evan (cousins) feeding lemurs at zoo in Kansas. 

Rooster guinea at Klenda farm….the day after I took this picture, a baby calf fell down between these logs and landed upside down and could not get up.  Dad rescued him and he is doing okay…

This mama cat adopted these 2 babies.

Denise’s mom with Tyler (Denise’s brother) feeding the calf with the help of Delilah and Silas:

Visiting Cackleberry Farms

My Aunt Julie has been raising free range chicken eggs for over 20 years.  She sells them to 2 local grocery stores.  She estimates that she has around 1500 chickens!  Joshua and I helped gather the eggs the night that we went to visit.  

Sunflower Update

The sunflowers are really getting big and some buds are starting to appear.  I have been out weeding and still have some more to do.  Hoping they can hold out for the heat that is coming this week…supposed to be in the 90’s the next 2 weeks.

In the Kitchen

You may have seen on the ReMARKable Farms Facebook page that I chopped off tops of my garlic (scapes) and then I pickled some.  This will allow the garlic to put more resources into making bigger bulbs of garlic (and not into flowering).  Click on the picture of the jar of pickled scapes above to go to the recipe I used.