We publish a bi-weekly blog sharing new things we are learning and our progress toward our future farm.  We also post stories about disability and how this affects our family.  There are over 100 posts with information ranging from hugelkultur to vermiculture and gardening to food preservation on our blog.

We bought our future farm on July 14, 2017!  It is located just outside of Moscow, Idaho.  Our goal is to have a sustainable farm and use no chemicals.

ReMARKable Farms is run by Denise Wetzel.  ReMARKable Farms produces sunflowers for cut flowers and jams and jellies from foraged and sustainably grown fruits.  We even make jelly from red sunflowers petals!

ReMARKable Eggs will be a pasture poultry egg business run by Mark Wetzel.  Mark is starting his egg business in 2019 after he graduates from Moscow High School.