Farmer’s Market cost analysis

Farmer’s Market Update

I can say that being back on the “main” street of the Farmer’s Market doubled my sales – mostly due to lots more foot traffic.  So, that was a good thing!  Also, it made me sit down and “run the numbers” which is something that I have been avoiding.  When I talk about “running the numbers”, I am referring to the idea that I need to figure out if going to the Farmer’s Market with just sunflowers and jams is profitable for our beginning farm business.  Or maybe another way of looking at it is, how much money do I need to make so that it is worth my time.  I have been putting this off because I really enjoy going but I don’t want to do something just for the sake of doing it.  Just like I really enjoy making jams/jellies but the profit margin is pretty slim on these items…we really do want to be a profitable farm.
So, I have done my little cost analysis and I am so happy with the results.  I have decided that IF I can make $150 or more on a Saturday Farmer’s Market, it is definitely worth my time.  So far, about half of our Farmer’s Market booths have met this new criteria.  Also, this involves me figuring out (for future reference, next year), how many sunflowers I should take to the market each week so I can know how many sunflowers to plant…

Farmer’s Market Follies

I was asked by 2 different people if I could supply sunflowers for wedding this fall (unfortunately, the answer is no, all my flowers will have bloomed by then).
Someone else came and taste tested the flower jellies (dandelion and red sunflower), they really enjoyed the flavors and said that they were very mild and suggested that I try to concentrate (boil down) the flower petal tea before making the jelly to get more flavor next time.  I love this suggestion and will incorporate it next time.  Speaking of jellies, I only have 1 more dandelion jelly left!  I am running low on red sunflower and trying to decide if I should make more.  I did run out of huckleberry jam but made more today (Sunday!).  It will be my last batch.  I do not have enough huckleberries to make anymore.
Last batch of Huckleberry jam for 2015

Garden Update

Garden is doing well.  My lettuce, spinach and radish that I planted for my fall garden, sprouted!  My cat got into the area where I put my carrots so I am not sure if they are going to make it.
My friend gave me this plant and said it was a winter squash.  This is what grew…does anyone know what it is?