One last big THANK YOU!

Farmer’s Market Update

Last week, I went through a cost analysis of the sunflowers/jams at Market.  I realized this past week that I left out one HUMONGOUS factor…Allan Family Farm gave me space and water for the sunflowers.  In fact, it was Pat that suggested I try to be a walk-on Vendor for the Market in the first place.  This is really an idea that I would have NEVER come up with myself.  So, I really do owe a big debt of gratitude to Pat Allan for helping to get ReMARKable Farms on the map.  Land and water are two of the most valuable resources for farmers and it was given to us for free through Pat’s generosity.  

 Garden Update

I do not have room to plant corn but it was on sale at the Co-op so I bought a bunch and blanched it and saved it as little corn-on-the cobs.  I am wanting to plant a Three Sisters Garden next year…more on that in the next blog post!
Also, found a HUGE cucumber in the garden so I made some refrigerator pickles to use it up.

In the Kitchen

The villi yogurt seems to have taken a turn for the worse and was getting “curdish.”  I strained the first batch and only got like 1/2 yogurt and so I used that to start the next batch.  It seemed to be turning to cheese.  So, I tossed it and I am starting over (they send you 2 cultures when you purchase it).  I’ll keep you posted.  Hopefully, the second batch turns out better.
One last note…the boys start school on Tuesday!  Mark is starting high school and Joshua is going to middle school.  A big transition for both boys.  Looking forward to a great school year!