Winter Activities

Since things are always slower for a farmer in the winter, I have decided to resume my “couponing”.  Not sure if that is really a verb; anyway, 4 years ago when we first moved to Moscow, I didn’t have a job.  I made sure the boys were doing well in their new schools.  Then, I needed something to do to keep me busy.  Couponing was all the rage since the country was in a bit of a repression/depression at the time.  So, I started learning about “how” to coupon.  I was pretty religious about it for about a year, then, I got a couple of part time jobs and got busy.  I still think you can get some great things for free if you are patient.  Also, I was SO busy this past summer with the sunflowers that I rarely had time to get to the store until we were totally out of something.  This is the worst time to buy things because you are pretty much going to have to pay full price.

I have starting to keep an eye to the Sunday circulars and I use the Krazy Coupon Ladies website to find the best deals.  My goal is to try and stock up for the next year.  Then, I can stock up again next fall.  Furthermore, it seems that people are not as coupon crazy as they were a couple years ago.  I got to the Rite Aid last week and was able to buy some moneymakers (where you actually make money on buying an item!).  That was crazy rare back when I began.  The moneymakers would all be sold out right away!

I should clarify that I am talking about couponing mostly for personal care items i.e. deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, etc…  I am hoping to stock up for a year and then I can concentrate on other activities in the summer when I am busier. 

Here is my best deals for October…spent less than $9.00 on all this over the month…

Maybe in November, I will keep track of how much the items cost and what I paid for them.

In the Garden

I cleaned out one of my 3 beds and planted my garlic.  Place a really thin layer of pine shavings over the top.
Picked a beautiful cauliflower last week.


University of Idaho Homecoming parade yesterday…Joshua rode on the 4-H float!