New sunflowers for this year…


I am trying some new sunflowers this year.  To see the varieties that I planted last year, check out this post HERE.

I am adding the following new varieties:

SORAYA SUNFLOWER: First sunflower to win an All-America Selections award.  This big sister to Sonja has larger flowers and thicker, sturdier stems. Branches average 20″ and sport 4-6″ blooms. May yield as many as 20-25 stems/plant.

GIANT SUNGOLD:  Fully-double, yellow-gold flowers.  A tall, Teddy Bear-type with up to 8″ blooms.
Last year, I grew Double Quick Orange (another double/teddy bear sunflower).  It was the only flower that did really poor for me.  I think I only ended up bringing about a half dozen to the market. A lot of them were deformed and the head was just not pretty.  So, I am excited to try a new “double” this year.

STARBURST LEMON AURA Gorgeous, pale yellow, branching double.  Lovely, fully-double blooms on long, sturdy stems cover this compact plant. The light yellow shade lends itself well to pastel bouquets making it a great addition to an existing sunflower line.

STRAWBERRY BLONDE  Ruby red flowers that hold their petals.  Flowers have burgundy, sometimes pink, petals with lemony tips and dark centers. Branching plants have long, strong side stems for cutting.

BUTTERCREAM An early bloomer with great color and habit.  Pale, butter-yellow flowers with brown centers are 3 1/2-4 1/2″ across. Long side branches that continue to provide blooms for several weeks make this a perfect cut flower. 
GREENBURST Early blooming, semi-double flowers.  Golden yellow petals surround green centers. 4-6″ blooms on 12-24″ stems. Sturdy, branching habit. 
So, in all there will be 11 varieties.  Five varieties that I grew last year and then these new 6 varieties. Why so many?  I am still experimenting with which varieties do best.  I want to “experiment” with more branching type sunflowers vs. single stem flowers.  Also, I am still experimenting with the best way to plant them…seed vs. transplants.