Visit to Kansas!

Kansas Visit

The boys and Denise headed to Kansas for 12 days to visit family.  First thing we noticed…it’s hot in Kansas!  My mom’s horse died the first night we were there (it was not the heat, she had some tummy troubles but the heat did not help things…).  Always something interesting happening on the farm.
Triple digits heat the second our flight landed.  Luckily, we didn’t melt too much.  Great excuse to hit the swimming pool a lot!
One morning, I went for a walk and took this picture.  The church (it is small and to the left of the sign) is the church I went to as a child in the town where I grew up (Pilsen, KS).
One afternoon, we went to visit my Aunt Julie’s free range chicken egg farm.
Mark and Milo (the dog) checking out the chickens.
The next day, my mom was mowing the lawn and she went under her grape arbor with the lawn mower and noticed a “clump” of bees…I am going to make a separate blog post about this at a later time!
Went fishing with cousins!

My mom’s friend started a new vermiculture business.  We went to see her set up…lots of bins of worms!  We are interested in raising worms to feed the chickens.  This could be another side business…

Went to Maxwell Game Refuge to check out the bison.

A (late) Father’s Day pic…me and my dad in the pickup (yes, I rode standing up in the pickup a lot as a kid…)
Me (Denise) and my dad
Mark and his dad…(Henry)