Random updates and Future Farm news


The good news…the bees are doing great!  The bad news…Mark’s allergies are just terrible.  It appears the honey remedy did not work.  In Mark’s defense, this has been one of the worst allergy seasons in recent history.  My friend is writing a newspaper article about the allergy season.  I will try to make sure to link it once it is published.  I took Mark to the doctor and we are going to see an allergist to start getting the shots.  It won’t help for this year but will help in the future.  
Not a super great pic but you can see Mark’s eyes all swollen.
Bees on new honeycomb.

Bees on old honeycomb.


Don’t really have much of an update here.  It has been such a cool spring that I could not start planting until May and things are just starting to come up.  I have already planted 3 times and I will plant 2 more times in the next 3 weeks.  I don’t expect to be going to the Farmer’s Market until late July…
It is a little hard to see but I found this guy sleeping when I was planting the first time…
One thing I want to note.  I have 6 rows of flowers.  When I put the beds to sleep last fall, I used 1 layer of cardboard on 2 rows and then 10 layers of newspaper on the other rows.  Then, I covered the newspaper/cardboard with wood shavings.  The newspaper was so much easier to work with but I like the cardboard better.  The cardboard seemed to break down better.  You can see here the lizard guy under the newspaper.  I was surprised that the newspaper did not break down more.  I kind of thought it would be the opposite.  The cardboard would still be around and the newspaper would be all gone…so glad I decided to try both!

Future Farm

We have been working to purchase a property since last fall…it has been an interesting situation.  We are going to move to the property on June 23rd and rent it until our closing on July 15th.  I have a VERY lengthy blog post written all about it and I will post it once we sign on the last dotted line!