What’s new in sunflowers…


Did you know the latest, greatest thing in sunflowers?  It’s white sunflowers!  I did get to order some so these will be the new flower for this year!  They are also working on green and purple sunflowers.  I didn’t really care for the green ones and the purple seed was already sold out.  Maybe next year…

This is going to be a super short blog post because I HAVE LIKE A MILLION THINGS TO DO TO GET MY GARDEN READY!  I am so excited (and nervous) to have a “real” garden this year and I am busy laying soaker hoses and such.  I will definitely be posting about all my garden adventures at a different time.

So, back to the sunflowers.  Yes, I am trying to grow them at our new farm!  I laid out the drip hoses last week.

As you can see, the cardboard and hay did a great job of keeping the grass down.  I planted daffodils all around the perimeter of the sunflower area to keep the voles away (but I did see one scramble under the hay when I was mowing the grass last week).

I also had started some seedlings in the house and transplanted them out into the area last week.

I also planted some seeds directly into the area to see how they would do.  Still waiting on them to germinate…

If you don’t remember, last year, I had actually bought several new kinds of sunflowers to try but my sunflowers just did not take off and then we were moving onto the farm and blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, there were 6 new sunflowers that I wanted to try last year but it just didn’t work out so I ordered all of those sunflowers too.  Here is a link to the blog that explains all those new sunflowers.

That is it for now, I am headed back outside to do some more sunflower transplants!


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