Christmas gift 2019 – Twelve Months of Mixes

In the Kitchen

For family Christmas gifts this year, we sent out a package of Twelve Months of Mixes.  As the name suggests, we put together a mix for each month of the year.  Here is a picture of the mixes:

Here is a list of each month:

January was  Hot cocoa mix  – basically a just-add-water recipe because we figured you probably baked enough during the Christmas holiday.

February – brownie mix with white chocolate chips (for your sweetie on Valentines)

March – Irish soda bread with raisins (to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day)

April – lemon pound cake (should go well with Easter fixins)

May – blueberry muffins (sent dried blueberries with this mix but can’t wait for the real ones to be ripening soon…)

June – cookies with M&Ms (celebrate summer!)

July – buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips (this is a mix I use for pancakes all the time…nice and fluffy)

August – banana walnut snack cake (bananas tend to get old quickly when the temps are high so put those old bananas to use in this cake – add a cream cheese frosting to take it up a notch)

September – coconut cream pie (this mix is for a pudding that you used to make the pie…who doesn’t like pie?)

October – calico bean soup (temps are starting to cool down…cozy up with a bowl of soup)

November – pumpkin bread with cranberries (pumpkin everything this time of year!)

December – cornbread and chili mixes (more soup and cornbread…can’t beat it…an easy meal when you have been busy preparing for the holidays)

I used the Make-A-Mix book for most of the mixes.  I have provided links (above) to the recipes that I used that did not come from this book.  I have this original book that was published in 1987 but I think it was updated in 2006…

At first I was going to send a mix to everyone each month…like a “Mix of the Month” club subscription.  Then, I realized how much time and postage it would take to get it together to everyone each month so I just put them all together for the whole year.  It still took a good amount of time to put together but it makes a nicer package to have everything together for the whole year.   Another great thing about making all these mixes is that we had lots of great things to eat as we sampled most of the mixes as we were putting them together!
That is it!  Keeping this post short and sweet…just like the holidays!  Enjoy!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!