Find a local farm

Okay, I want to support my local farmer until the time when we are the local farmer!  So, I have made 2 goals toward this: 1) find a place to purchase farm, fresh eggs and 2) purchase half a hog to put into the freezer.

To find a local farmer, I went to a website called Local Harvest.  Click on the picture to go there now and find a local farm near you.

I put in my zip code to do a search.  The second farm listed, Deep Roots, said that they had eggs so I sent them an email.
I already know the farm that I am going to get my half hog from.  It is pastured pork.  I printed off the pastured pork brochure.  It stated to email them if you want to reserve a half hog…so I did!
I sent emails to both of these local farms last Thursday (as I am writing this, it is Sunday).  I did not hear back from either place.  I know farmers are busy but this was a little discouraging.  I will make phone calls this week and see if that will be more effective.

Garden update:

My seedlings are doing great and I transplanted some yesterday to new little pots:
I think that I mentioned that I planted lettuce and spinach into the soil outside in the garden.  I knew this would be a gamble when I did it.  However, the lettuce has germinated!  It was supposed to get a little cool last night so I covered the bed.