First Farmer’s Market

Farm Update:

I guess it is official and ReMARKable Farms is open for business!  

 We had a booth at the Farmer’s Market in Moscow for the first time.  I was VERY nervous about this…did I get up early enough, would I have enough time to get everything set up, would I even sell anything and cover the cost of my booth???  Well, the good news is that everything went fine.  We did sell 20 of the 23 sunflowers that we had brought.  Also, sold some garlic, blackberry jam, and dried oregano.

IF you are interested, this is what we have for sale:
Sunflowers $2 each or 3 for $5

Wild Blackberry Jam 1/2 pint $5
Red Raspberry Jam 1/2 pint $5
Dandelion Jelly 1/2 pint $5

Italian Red Stripe Garlic $2/bulb

Oregano (10 grams) $2/packet

Send me a message at if you are interested in purchasing.  All proceeds go into the Future Farm Fund.
I learned a lot at the market.  I should have counted my till before I start!  Lots of people were asking about the Dandelion Jelly and what it tastes like.  So, next time, I will have some samples out.  Also, it helps to draw people into your booth.  The vendor next to me was selling hair ties and peanut brittle.  They had samples of the peanut brittle and people just swarmed in for a taste (I am listening to a podcast about bee keeping as I write this).  There are slow times and then really busy times at the market.  I think I sold most of my items within a 30 minute window.
Also, had an interesting conversation with a gentlemen about huckleberries.  I had several people ask if I had huckleberry jam.  Huckleberries grow wild in the mountains.  People are very protective of their huckleberry patches when they find them.  Huckleberries sell for about $60/gallon because they are so rare.  The gentleman I was speaking to said that he picked 250 gallons of huckleberries last year (it was a good year for huckleberries).  I asked if he was ever worried about bears when he was picking huckleberries.  He said that he didn’t worry about bears but that he had been sasquatched twice.  They throw big rocks at you, beat wood against tree trunks and scream/howl…
Mark helped me pull some of the garlic that we have for sale.

Garden Update:

Woke up and went to see the garden this morning and was greeted by this lovely site:
Big beautiful blooms on my patty pan plant.  There is also a patty pan on there that should be ready in a couple of days.
This is a picture of the raspberries I picked this morning.  The Golden Raspberries are really picking up.  They tend to ripen as the reds are finishing.  I am SO excited that I will probably have enough Goldens to make a batch of jam!
Joshua and I may go on a trip in search of huckleberries this afternoon….