Thanks to all our Farmer’s Market friends!

More Huckleberry Picking

Our neighbor gave us another great spot to search for huckleberries.  So, we spent our Sunday driving and picking huckleberries.  I told Joshua that I would pay him $5/cup for all the huckleberries he can pick.  This is VERY motivating for him.  He was busy picking and then got a great idea to have Mark pick (and then Joshua could take his huckleberries and count them toward his “cups”.)  
Joshua set out to teach Mark to pick huckleberries.  WOW!  He will make a great teacher someday. Joshua was trying to motivate Mark with the promise of gummy bears (one of Mark’s most favorites!) Mark likes a lot of verbal motivation too…

ReMARKable Farm Update:

The Farmer’s Market is going well.  The last 2 weeks have I have with over 50 flowers and sold most all of them!  Also, sold lots of jams/jellies this past weekend.  It is a lot of fun to interact with customers.  Lots of people are vacationing and I sold some Red Sunflower jelly to people visiting from Texas and Indiana!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by the ReMARKable Farm booth last Saturday.
Leftover sunflowers from the Farmer’s Market