Celebrating Diversity!

Just some generic ramblings this week about diversity…

When I went out to harvest my sunflowers this past summer, there was a LOT of diversity.  I did plant 8 different varieties but even beyond that, there were lots of differences.  Some plants had huge heads!  Some grew very short and small.  I have thought a lot about why this happened.  I know that some plants got an earlier start and those were often the ones that were the biggest.  Some germinated later and then were shaded by the bigger flowers so I can see why they were smaller.

At first, I will admit that I was disappointed in the variation of the flowers.  It really bothered me that they were not all the perfect size and all the same.

However, some people actually liked the big sunflowers, especially the kids.  Then, lots of people would take pictures of the bigger sunflowers.  It started to change my view of the flowers.  I started to see that having lots of diversity was fun!  It was enjoyable to help customers pick through the flowers and design their own special bouquet.  I can say with certainty that no 2 bouquets from ReMARKable Farms are alike!  They are all unique and that is what makes them special!

I think the same thing can be said about people…life would be boring if we were all the same.  I wanted all the flowers to be the perfect size because I thought that is what people wanted.  I am glad I was wrong!

We are all unique in our own ways and from now on, we at ReMARKable Farms, will be celebrating DIVERSITY!

Also, time to celebrate the bottling of the Dandelion Wine!