Latah County Fair!

The fair is ending today.  Henry said he liked this chicken.  It is a Buff Orpington.  It is beautiful and a cold hardy breed.  It is not on my “list” of chickens because it lays brown eggs and there are other breeds that lay more prolifically.  However, I may consider some after a few years because they go broody and we may want to experiment with raising our own chicks at some point. 
Joshua got Grand Champion on his Guinea Pig (cavy).  Here is a short video of the judge making her final decision.  He was very excited!
And here is a picture of Joshua on “barn” duty at the fair…

Apple Cider

Last weekend, we went to Bishop’s Orchard and picked apples.  I will be making some applesauce in a couple of weeks.  Also, we made some apple cider using their press.  Joshua did the supervising…

In the Kitchen

Okay…second try at canning peaches.  More successful and we just LOVE O’Henry peaches!
We have been so busy (see pictures of boy sleeping above), I thought I would have more to say!  Henry and I went to a Shania Twain concert and want to say THANK YOU to grandma for coming out (all the way from Pennsylvania) to watch the boys for us so we could get out!  
We had a great visit with Linda (grandma).  Denise and Linda share a birthday!  We celebrated with a salmon dinner and cherry berry pie!  Denise got a butter bell and a book about chickens…it was a perfect birthday!