Foraging apples…

In the Kitchen

Last week, Mark and I were out for a walk and saw this…
So, we did!  I took them home and made apple pie jam and apple butter.  Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any.
The apple butter just smelled SO good that I actually put some on a piece of bread and ate it!!!  I seem to have a gluten sensitivity and it has been months since I have tried eating any wheat.  I just could not resist!  It was delicious (and luckily, since I only had one slice, my tummy did not get too 
upset.)  I put some of the apple pie jam on some yogurt with granola.  It was great too!
Decided to try something new and make raspberry vinegar.  I also added some fresh thyme.  It has to sit for 3 weeks and then I can bottle it…probably for Christmas gifts.  Does not look too pretty now but the color is amazing…it will be better once I strain off the fruit/herbs.
Click on this picture (above) to learn about making Infused Vinegars.

Garden update

We are starting to work in the area that will have the 3 Sister’s Garden…I may add in a pic later…
Otherwise, we are still picking tomatoes, zucchini, patty pans, broccoli, and I have fall lettuces that are finally starting to take off!