Super moon eclipse tonight!

At the Wetzel residence:

Just a quick update today.  We are going to keep an eye to the sky and watch the super moon eclipse tonight.  I started making moon pies but they didn’t turn out so we are having these gf pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting instead…

In the Garden

I have thyme, rosemary and basil hanging in the living room to dry.  
I am planning to expand the gardening space for next year.  I have been working at revitalizing a couple of old flower beds that are right next to the house.  I was turning my compost bin last month and notice A LOT of worms in it.  So, I put down some dirt and then compost into the new gardening beds.  Then, I looked through my compost bin again to find those worms to add to the new garden area.  I covered everything up with some wood chips.  Hoping the worms will work their magic and get it all ready for next spring…
We woke up to a most unpleasant surprise…freezing temperatures.  This was not in the forecast!  I know that we cannot change the weather but I would have thrown my cover on the tomatoes if I knew it was going to be that cold.  Here is a picture of the patty pan squash…several leaves turned black. The changing of the seasons is coming…

In the Kitchen

My friend gave me a box of plums that they foraged from their neighbors tree (don’t worry, the neighbors are in Japan…)  So, I pitted them and froze them so I can make some plum jam this winter (to take to the Farmer’s Market next summer)!
We still have apples sitting in our garage from our picking 2 weeks ago.  I am finally getting around to processing some of them.  Mark loves applesauce so I cut the apples up and put them into the crock pot overnight.  Then, use the food processor to puree them up and process in a waterbath canner.  One full crock pot of apples yields 2 quart jars of sauce…got more to do tonight (after we watch the eclipse!)

For more details about making applesauce in a crock pot, click on the picture of the applesauce!