Canned Cranberry sauce

In the Kitchen

A short blog post this week…super busy almost every single night this past week with parent-teacher conferences and the boys were home from school on Thursday AND Friday.  Things seem to be slowing down a bit now…yeah!

Today I made homemade cranberry sauce and canned 2 half-pints of it.  I am going to send one to my mother-in-law in her Christmas gifts.  This is really the first time I have ever made cranberry sauce.  I can’t stand the jelly like stuff that comes in a can so I usually just don’t bother but this recipes changes everything.

I like the fact that you can make this ahead of time and “can” it so the big day you just open the jar and done!  It was easy to make and I had a little bit extra so I put it on my panna cotta that I made earlier this week (the panna cotta is a new favorite!!!).

Click on this picture to get the recipe I used for the cranberry sauce…

Also, in the kitchen, I was getting tired of looking at this steamed up window while washing my dishes (I like to look out into the neighborhood)…

So, I read an article about using shaving cream as a de-fogger.  So, I decided to test this and used shaving cream on the bottom window…you spread it on and then wipe it off (I used a bit too much…)

Next time it steamed up…the bottom (shaving cream window) did NOT fog up as much!  I wonder how long this will last?

I also have this problem in my car.  The window fogs up so bad and it takes FOREVER for the defroster to clear it.  So, I put cat litter in an old sock and placed it by the windshield.  I was told it would absorb excess moisture…so far, so good!!!

One finally note…I bought a knitting loom today!  First project will be a stocking hat for me…to be continued…