Peach Bourbon Jam

In the Kitchen

A short blog post today.  I have a terrible headache that I just cannot shake 🙁
Yesterday, I made some Peach Bourbon Jam!  Something new that I have not made before.  Smelled really good (and tasted good too!).  I took some of the jam and mixed it with dry onion soup mix this evening and spread on top of pork chops that are cooking in the oven…can’t wait for dinner!
Also, made some cookies and froze some of the cookie balls before baking.  Now, I can make fresh baked cookies like everyday for the boys when they get home from school…they sure are spoiled!
Made some red and dandelion wine salt and seasoning packets this week too.  Way ahead of schedule on the Christmas gifts!  Did some weaving on the loom but I think I am going to jump right into some simple knitting…to be continued…