Where is the queen?


Today, Joshua and I headed up to Spokane to get our bees.  
Joshua in front of boxes of bees
Joshua holding our box of bees
Ready for the ride home

We had gotten their hive ready before we left.  When we got them home, I tried to put them in the hive…I pulled out the wire that the queen cage was attached to.  So, the queen cage fell to the bottom of the box.  I decided that I might as well just “bonk” and “pour” the bees into their new home and I could grab the queen cage.  I did this twice and I looked into the hive and I CANNOT FIND THE QUEEN CAGE!

I put everything together and we went out for a hike.  The bees settled down so after we came back from our hike, I tried to open up the hive and look for the queen cage again…there are so many bees and I cannot see any type of queen cage!  I am really upset!  I even got under the cage and looked up into the bottom (it has a screened bottom) but I still do not see the queen cage.  I have run my hands through the bees several times, hoping to bump into something solid and I just cannot find it!  
Called a couple of “seasoned” beekeepers.  One encouraged me to keep looking for her.  So, I gave it one more try and found her!  I will check and make sure she is out of her queen cage on Tuesday.